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Easilyriled is a radical feminist lesbian (aka “no-neck-knuckle-draggin’-dyke”) raised on the wide prairie, livin’ in the rainforest. this is a rudimentary blog because i’m kind of  a techno-peasant, but maybe i’ll learn to spruce it up a bit. Mostly this blog is about what’s in my face in the moment, the shiny things that take my attention from my school work. So there’s stuff about the Prairie sky, and my sainted parents and my brother. There’s stuff about my friends and allies and occasional descriptive passages about work and nature and the odd and alienating nature of internet “community”. Sometimes I like to rant about the deleterious effects of over-weening male privilege, male violence against women, capitalist acquisitiveness, racism, and other indications of our increasing moral and political decrepitude. There are serious political fights raging about, and sometimes we refuse to engage respectfully with each other even when we agree about some things but not maybe about others. Trans issues for example, are kind of a hot button topic. I think gender is a problem. And transitioning is not a solution. And claiming to be uncomfortable in your gender role if you were born male and raised to be male, well, that’s not so hard to understand or empathize with. I was born female and raised to be a woman, and THAT was uncomfortable, that’s for sure. So, i kind of understand…but then, why latch onto another restrictive gender role? That i don’t get. When you’re raised up to be male, even if you’re twitchy about it, that twitchiness don’t make you a woman, so please don’t come into space that’s been made for women by women. It’s hard to be firm about this point and not come off as mean or dismissive (which is kinda easy for me to do,  I’ll give ya that–I get mad, and deal with that uncomfortable emotion by being cutting–not my best trait, but i have other strengths…and will try to be respectful).Anyhow. Even if it’s disagreement, or discomfort, it’s not phobia. It is not irrational fear or hatred, you gotta trust me on that, it’s disagreement, and a serious political position, and we get to engage with the ideas.

Anyhow…   I also like to play accordion, or at least think about it, juggle, pump iron and eat hamburgers. I’ll probably post sporadically. you’re welcome to comment, of course. try to be nice. you don’t have to agree, but you oughta be respectful. you know how to do that, i’m pretty sure. you’re smart people.



we have a lot of work to do.. There is joy in the struggle

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  1. Hi Erin! Glad to find ya. ❤

  2. I’m am adding you to my “favorites”, since you are one of them anyway 🙂

  3. adding you to my favorite but want to talk about one point in your “about”

  4. hey easilyriled

    i wanted to send you a personalized invitation to join a public radfem collective. see my latest post. hope alls well.

    no need to publish this comment unless you want to…

  5. Hi there,
    I just started reading your blog and really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. It’s great to read about things when they are serious in nature but the writer can interject humour. Or maybe that just how I read things? I’ll have to think about that one:)

  6. Hey! You have some interesting points to make about ‘transitioning’ to another gender … it sounds as though you’ve made an assumption though that people who transition, do so because they aren’t comfortable with ‘what’ they are, so they decide to try something else? You refer to your own difficulty in being raised to be a woman … but surely you understand that ‘their’ issues are worlds apart from yours? Everyone’s are worlds apart from everyone’s?

    Just playing Devils Advocate! 🙂

    And I love that you enter in to the world of opinions on transgenderism and then in the next paragraph: “So, I like to play the accordion”!!

    Anyways – I’m here because I just saw your comment on someone else’s blog about how lesbians don’t do coming out stories!? I’m doing mine at the moment, and know of lots of other bloggers doing theirs. Mine is here:
    and if you’d like to see others, click on ‘Forbidden by culture’ or ‘Giraffe on a Stick’ or ‘MyBlogject’ on my blogroll, they are all doing it too 🙂

    Glad to have found your blog, and look forward to becoming properly acquainted with it soon 🙂

    • Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for reading, and commenting. the reason i assume that people who ‘transition’ do so because they are uncomfortable is because in anything i’ve read by transsexuals or transgendered people, that’s what they say. but I also think that we are not so different from each other, either.. I don’t think we are worlds apart at all. Maybe that’s why it’s such a loss that we don’t talk (in real life) about our ‘becoming lesbian’ stories and why we need to–to remember how we are so alike and how our problems or dilemmas are similar. soooo, i look forward to reading yours. Thanks again, Melanie

  7. Wooo! that’s a follow

  8. Hello Erin,

    It’s so nice to be introduced to your blog! Very excited to read more. Keep on struggling!


  9. Few days ago visited most ahmazzzz-zing donut shop. Heh. Not a corporate logo in sight.

  10. Nicola Racanelli

    Erin –

    I found you. Now you will never get rid of me. Lucky you – or maybe not so lucky! Just kidding.

    I hope you have a fantastic week!




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