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We’re grandmothers

On March 24th, at about 3:00, Iris, Su’s daughter, gave birth to a baby boy. Say what you like about overpopulation and climate change and the instability of our wonderful world and geopolitics and all the things — I am so glad to welcome him to the family. In turn, he has welcomed me — I contributed nothing to his parents’ births or raising. I have been his maternal grandmother’s companion, partner, lover and sometimes pain-in-the-ass for nearly 5 years, though. That counts for something. Su’s two grown-up children have welcomed me, and we care a lot for each other. I get to be part of the village raising the new one.

He’s beautiful! And we have pictures of his mama and papa holding him and gazing at the camera with serenity and pride. Well, that’s Iris. She looked as if she’d just gone for a brisk walk, rather than a 5-hour labour. The baby, he was all alert yet restful, snuggled up to his mother’s breast. Iris wrapping him in her strong arms and all the love in the world. The pictures of Matt show a great tall man curled tenderly into his son, studying him intently and kissing his face. He’s home, he’s home in the world.

We cannot wait to meet him

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My mom was Edith, my dad was John. I have a brother, who is Shawn. I have many friends and allies and mentors in my life. I'm white, over-educated, working in a field for which I am not yet trained, messy, funny, smart, lesbian, feminist "Not the fun kind", as Andrea Dworkin said. But I, like the feminists I hang with, ARE fun. Radical feminism will be the roots of our shared liberation. Rejection of sex-stereotypes (gender) and male domination will give us wings.

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  1. Congratulations to you both, what beautiful news during these challenging times. ❤️ I wish you all light and joy. 🙏🏾

  2. Hello Erin and Sue, Congratulations on your new grandchild. All the best!

    Love & Light, Terry


  3. Marie Fletcher

    Congratulations! 💐 Welcome to the adventure. You get to re-discover the world through their eyes. Blowing bubbles is going to be fascinating in a little while.🙂

  4. How lovely! My ‘little bundle of joy’ just turned the big five oh on the 25th. So I know spring is a deluxe time to welcome a newbie. Super great congrats! that you get to witness such fresh joy. Hugs.


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