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March 1, St. David’s Day

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Mom used to send me Welsh cakes for St. David’s Day. Finally I asked her for the recipe, now if i want them, i make them myself.

St. David is the Patron St. of Wales (not Whales). He is noted for standing chest-deep in very cold rivers. Also for exhorting his followers to “do the little things”.

Attending to the little things will get ya sanctified…Like picking up your socks. Washing your hands. Offering your seat on the bus to an old person or to someone who walks with a cane. Looking your enemy in the eye. Telling the truth. Offering to share your cookie. taking a nap. taking a deep breath (especially when rattled). Calling your mother. Eating enough. not too much.

Apparently, Dave was conceived when his father (a minor king) raped his mother, likely a nun. She gave him birth atop a cliff during a violent storm. this was a long time ago. sounds like he was a bit of a control freak. but not violent. And not acquisitive. “Do the little things, as you have seen be do…” he said, as he died. That was about a hundred years after his stormy birth. No mention of the weather. but it was March 1st, 590 AD.

What would his legacy have been had he been conceived in love? Or at least respect. What would his exhortaion to “do the little things” have meant had his mother been protected, encouraged, and had equal power and influence in the world to his father? What would she have been able to teach him then? I bet he learned about the little things from her, as it was. women are attentive to those. The small injuries, the tiny miracles. the small bits of comfort that come in the midst of storms. The ways we survive.

so. celebrate St. David. with some water and a Welsh cake, maybe something involving leeks.

Cymru Am Byth

Enough is better than more.

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